Empowermotion 10 Week Core Curriculum


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10 weeks of regular sessions with a high-powered and passionate group of individuals in four core modules. In addition to the 10 sessions participants get 2 weeks with a personal trainer, a one-on-one coaching session with one of our top instructors.

By the end you will

✔️ know a lot more about your strengths and weaknesses
✔️ get more done
✔️ have more physical and mental energy
✔️ know exactly how to achieve financial freedom
✔️ have implemented routines and habits of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, innovators and artists
✔️have a great peer network

This is your starter pack to excellence. Your 10 week immersion into the “best of” of all Empowermotion modules. We will take you and your new peer network on a journey of self-discovery and habit implementation that covers all five areas of Empowermotion in weekly sessions. Why 10 weeks you ask? It takes 17 repetitions for the human mind to internalize new information, 21 days to build a habit and up to 66 days to retain a habit. We will start with the most important habits so you will have a full 70 days to commit them to muscle memory. What’s more, it will be fun and easier than you think with the help of like-minded high performing individuals and your dedicated coaches.

All of the modules, whether focused on Career, Finance, Mental Resilience, Energy Management or Physical Resilience provide you with a toolkit that allows you to implement and retain the necessary habits and behaviours for lasting change.