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Hi! I am Hery-Christian Henry

I am a former Big4 strategy consultant, entrepreneur, investor and public speaker. I work in flexible packaging, where my company has the aim to become the first zero carbon packaging company in the world by 2025!

My favorite speaker topics include Packaging Sustainability, Employee and Organisational Motivation, Startup Internationalization, Growth Acceleration, Mergers and Acquisitions as well as market entry in East Africa

I have delivered keynotes and lectures in over 20 countries including Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand, the UK, China and Belgium.

This is my personal page. All views are my own.

My touring dates

September 2020 - TBC
"Our path to Carbon Zero"
September 2020 - TBC
"Innovations in Sustainable Packaging" Keynote


Individual empowerment

  • Time Management & Organisational Effectiveness
  • The Mojo-Multiplier: how to get more done
  • Employee empowerment
  • Managing diverse, complex teams

Facilitation and Moderation

  • Conference, Gala or Concert moderation
  • Panel discussion and interview moderation
  • Keynote speeches

Startup growth acceleration

  • From idea to market
  • Growth acceleration
  • Internationalisation
  • Business Model design for startups


Have you ever gone to a great conference, participated anywhere?

Did you walk out of the training or conference thinking “wow, so much good stuff – I will revisit my notes and start implementing some serious change!” – only for that motivation and excitement to fizzle out by the end of the week.

The issue with all big changes is that for them to become a part of your life they need to become a habit. They need to be daily muscle memory just like brushing your teeth. A change takes 17 days to take hold and a habit takes approximately 60 days to form. That is why Empowermotion is a 70-80 day programme. We’ll make sure the key habits stay with you long after you have completed the training.

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"Bringing Hery Henry on board at Nordic East-Africa Business Forum was a game-changer. Quick to understand our requirements, highly professional and never flustered by any kind of disruption or change in plans, he delivered a combination of high powered keynote, panel moderation, and crowd entertainment session. As a conference organizer hiring Hery Henry is one worry off the list. I truly recommend him."

Jari KaiteraChairman, Ferrum Capital

"Thank you for your exceptional work in summarizing and moderating the WCEF2019 plastics panel and guiding the audience from the big picture to the important details and back again."

CEO, textile industry (Bangalore)

"What makes Hery Henry an exceptional moderator is the fact that he is also a practitioner. As an acting head of sustainability in plastic packaging, Hery combines the latest information in circularity from the sector with a long career on the microphone."

Krista TukiainenHead of Research, Climate Bonds (London)

"Hery is an inspiring public speaker and an exceptional facilitator. His intercultural know-how allows him to quickly build bridges between European, African, and North- American audiences, making him a huge asset to any global conference. At WCEF2019 the session Hery facilitated was one of the most engaging, lively and well received by the audience."

Daniel KaufmannLeading Specialist, Carbon-neutral Circular Economy, Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund (Helsinki)

"Hery Henry is a multitalented breath of fresh air among corporate facilitators. As an entrepreneur and former Big4 consultant, Hery speaks business and regulation as easily as he gets a crowd going as an old school MC. He’s excellent at engaging the audience, and building a truly positive atmosphere for any event is a given with him as a facilitator."

Tatu IsotaloDirector, Danske Bank (Copenhagen)