1. Habits

Have you ever gone to a great conference, participated in a mind bogglingly good training or watched a life changing documentary or film? Most of us have. Did you walk out of the training or conference thinking “wow, so much good stuff – I will revisit my notes and start implementing some serious change!” – only for that motivation and excitement to fizzle out by the end of the week? The issue with all big changes is that for them to become a part of your life they need to become a habit. They need to be daily muscle memory just like brushing your teeth. A change takes 17 days to take hold and a habit takes approximately 60 days to form. That is why Empowermotion is a 70 day programme. We’ll make sure the key habits stay with you long after you have completed the training.

All of the modules, whether focused on Career, Finance, Mental Resilience, Energy Management or Physical Resilience provide you with a toolkit that allows you to implement and retain the necessary habits and behaviours for lasting change.

2. Finance

Do you know how much money you would need in order to become financially independent? Have you figured out what your wildest dreams would cost and what action to take in order to build the necessary (financial) foundation towards those dreams? Are you financially literate enough to not be screwed over by banks, brokers and advisers when planning your financial future? Do you know at what age you can retire in comfort? Are you aware that a pension fund with 2% in management fees will take you 10 years longer to accumulate the same nest egg than a fund with 1% in management fees? The Finance module will cover

  • Financial literacy covering all the basics of investing towards financial independence
  • Understanding different options at different stages of life
  • Building and automating your personal financial architecture
  • Implementing financial habits that ensure you will reach your goals

3. Physical Resilience

Would you like to get more done? Have better physical health? More mental and physical energy? To start every day as if you mean it and be surprised you still have great energy after a long day at work? The Physical Resilience modules are the foundation of much of the mental resilience work in Empowermotion. We focus on

  • Implementing the physical routines and habits of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and leaders
  • Creating an energy management plan that will take your efficiency to the next level
  • Implementing a plan for long term fitness and health

4. Mental Resilience

The quote “you get what you put your energy to” is one that holds true for most of us. Whenever we really put our minds to something, whenever something becomes important enough that we must find a way to do it – we will. For most achieving continuous, high mental performance remains a difficult goal to achieve. In the Mental Resilience modules of Empowermotion we cover

  • How to find your focus and how to refocus at the snap of your fingers – literally
  • Best in class Time Management
  • How to choose your Must Win Battles and to be sure to achieve them every day
  • Never a Bad Day: the power hour planner

5. Identity

What is your life’s purpose? Do you know your strengths and if you do are you able to work to them? Or do circumstances require you to work on your weaknesses instead of to your strengths? Are you able to bring your best self to your work every day? In the Identity & Purpose modules of Empowermotion we explore

  • Your Purpose and how to find it
  • Your Identity and what that means in terms of your strengths, weaknesses and work
  • Motivation and how to maintain it
  • Achieving a state of highly focused flow