The Empowermotion Core Curriculum

This is your starter pack to excellence. Your 10 week immersion into the “best of” of all five areas. We will take you and your new peer network on a journey of self-discovery and habit implementation that covers all five areas of Empowermotion in weekly sessions. Why 10 weeks you ask? It takes 17 repetitions for the human mind to internalize new information, 21 days to build a habit and up to 66 days to retain a habit. We will start with the most important habits so you will have a full 70 days to commit them to muscle memory. What’s more, it will be fun and easier than you think with the help of like-minded high performing individuals and your dedicated coaches.

All of the modules, whether focused on Career, Finance, Mental Resilience, Energy Management or Physical Resilience provide you with a toolkit that allows you to implement and retain the necessary habits and behaviours for lasting change.


Power to Purpose

Maybe you have been thinking about a big change in life for a while now. A career change? Starting a company or an NGO? Or perhaps you have recently discovered a higher or an additional purpose. And now you are looking for a way to get going. Or perhaps your company or project has been stagnating and you are looking to take things to the next level. Power to Purpose is your six week kick-starter. No nonsense. No sitting around repeating what you already know. We will take action together from the first minute to take your ambition on a journey to reality. We will begin by reverse engineering what your ambition would require to take a significant leap forward within just six weeks. Then we will put the structure, habits and people in place to deliver on that plan. Right away.


Advanced Financial Planning

This is a one day workshop to map out your financial dreams and to set their implementation in motion. Much more detailed than the Finance part of the Core Curriculum and with a number of in-house experts joining in throughout the day, the AFP workshop will lead you through

  • Financial literacy: everything you need to know to make informed financial decisions for myself and my family
  • Financial planning: your plan towards financial freedom and your financial dreams
  • Plan implementation: applying what you have just learned to a real life situation. We will take all necessary action to set your plan for financial freedom in motion together – and check up on your progress within a month


Growth Day

This is a one day workshop to commit the best habits of the Empowermotion Core Curriculum to muscle memory. A fun filled, educational day where you will study and practice the habits of the world’s most successful people. You will walk away with a toolkit and implementation plan to take yourself to the next level. It works either as a kick-starter or a refresher of the core curriculum, providing the latest research and insights. Growth Day includes a number of tailored guest speaker appearances to provide additional tools and perspectives.


Empowering Leadership

For leaders and those about to become leaders. This is your one day workshop to develop or improve the skills of an empowering leader. The workshop will kick-start your team’s efficiency and engagement and send them on a growth journey to better overall performance. You will become more effective at delegating and leveraging the slumbering potential in your team. The session will be heavily tailored to participant needs and includes a 90min pre-assessment of leadership style, personal preferences, team preferences, team needs and strategic imperatives.


Life Coaching

Perhaps you feel stuck? Or you need a sounding board for your next big project or venture? Or perhaps you are gearing up for a big life change such as a career change? Professional life coaching can be a great support structure to get you going. To some the concept of coaching sounds strange. To compete at your highest level you need the experience, support, perspective and context a good coach can give. We hire professionals to fix our bike or the plumbing. More and more of us hire professionals to help with physical training. Mental training is just a logical next step towards higher performance by ways of removing literal and metaphorical obstacles from your path. A results life coach helps you identify your goals and whatever stands between you and your goals. A good coach will then help you develop an actionable plan to achieve your goals. Hery Henry accepts only one coachee at a time. As a practitioner (entrepreneur, speaker, active executive in manufacturing) Hery brings a degree of context and relatability to his sessions that eludes many other coaches. Send us a note to schedule a (free) introductory session.